Mapping software on smartphones has dramatically changed how we view our world. Finding and routing to an address is as simple as a couple of clicks. However, sharing a location with a recipient who doesn’t have a smartphone is challenging. Apple Maps sends a user’s location as a VCARD that contains an embedded URL that either opens Apple Maps to display the user’s location or allows the recipient to save the sender’s location as an Address Book contact. wobinich-Icon

In sharing a your location, there are two scenarios where smartphone-based Apps are limited:

  • You would like to let someone know where you are, but the recipient does not own a smartphone (or you do not know what kind of mobile phone the recipient has)
  • Your current location cannot be described in terms of a normal, street address – “I am currently on the I-15 somewhere between Victorville and Barstow…”

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 28 Jul 2015 18.30.13wobinich (“whereami” in English) directly addresses these issues. Using Apple’s iOS Location Services, wobinich allows you to send your location coordinates to a recipient via a platform independent, SMS message (as long as you have at least a GSM connection, you can send an

If a data connection is available, you can choose from any of the other messaging services you have configured on your iOS device: Mail, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 28 Jul 2015 18.30.21The recipient is sent the your coordinates in four formats:

  • Latititude and Longitude – for input into a GPS device
  • Apple Maps URL – clicking on the link will open Apple Maps (iOS or Mac OS X)
  • Google Maps URL – clicking on the link will open Google Maps (if available on the recipient’s device)
  • Street Address – if a data connection is available and the user’s location can be deciphered

You can also personalize the message before sending it.

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 28 Jul 2015 18.30.26With just a couple of clicks wobinich allows you to share your location in a platform independent message. As long as the recipient
has a GSM telephone, he can receive and then enter your coordinates into a GPS device.






Device Requirements:

  • iOS 8.4 or above
  • iPhone and iPad
  • 5 MB

Pricing and Availability

The App is available now in the worldwide Apple App store for $0.99.

wobinich on the Apple App Store

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