Production Process

  • Define – during the initial meeting we define the scope of the project and set goals and objectives. Ideas for the story will be explored, where the video will be shot, with whom and where and in what format it will be published.
  • Proposal – once the scope of the project has been defined, a quotation will be created.
  • Collect – once the proposal has been approved, our production team will work with the client to collect the relevant support materials — photos, visual aids, logos, music, etc.  — and copy that the customer has already produced. The first draft of the script will be created at this stage and presented to the client for review and sign-off.IMG_1517
  • Produce – at this stage, the script will be finalized. Footage and visuals be selected and organized in a timeline. If additional video or audio is required, we will organize the logistics of producing this material for the client — book locations, conduct interviews, collect b-roll material, secure talent and release waivers.
  • Rough Cut –  this begins by selecting the best footage and visuals as dictated by the script. If required, more materials can be gathered at this point.
  • Review – the client is then presented with a rough cut of the project.  The project is reviewed with an eye to ensure that all important elements of the script have been captured with supporting information — logos, titles, text, images, etc. Selection of music and voiceovers are made at this point of the process. Once the client review has been completed, the project is edited to take into account their wishes. Music, voiceovers, color correction, graphics, effects and transitions are now added to the cut. Once a review cut has been completed, it will be presented to the client for approval and if required, additional changes will be made.
  • Final Review – this occurs when the client and the project team agree that the cut is ready for publication.
  • Publication – the final cut of the project is then prepared for publication. For example, it will be encoded and uploaded to the client’s webpage or YouTube channel.  If defined in the scope of the project, a DVD and backup of all material used will be given to the client.