How you can use video

The utility of video — let’s face it, everyone has a webpage these days. And most of these pages are out-of-date with some text and couple of photos. Putting a video on your webpage allows you to describe what you do and at the same time reach new audiences. You can use video to gain awareness, to promote your workshops or services and even capture spontaneous m moments. Below are some examples how you use video as a competitive edge.

Use video to promote your store – do you have a new product, service or store concept? Video visually conveys more information in a couple of seconds than dozens of words or photos. Video on your webpage will keep potential customers longer at your site. Video builds rapport with your potential customers because they can gage what kind of a person you are. And above all, video will differentiate you and your website from your competitors.

Use video for webcasts – do you have a series of themed subjects you can talk about? You can create a series of webcasts to expand your global market, show potential customers what you offer and increase your credibility as an expert in your field. Not only can webcasts drive customers to your offerings, but also potentially give you speaking opportunities.

Cover your Event – do you organize events, workshops or fundraisers? With video you can share the event with those who could not attend, promote sponsors, sell the event and attract attention for the next occurrence.

Document your Story – do you have a compelling story to tell or speech to give? Video will allow you to connect with viewers directly and to promote your cause. It can engage the public and maximize the number of people you reach with a minimum of cost.

Showcase your Space – do you have property you want to show off? Video is the next best thing to being there. It sells without needing to be onsite and has the potential of expediting the sales process.

Persuade with Testimonials – do you engage your clients for feedback? Showing satisfied customers generates confidence and trust with potential clients.  Personal success stories are more believable that simply listing the specifications and benefits of your product or service. And lastly, they prove to potential customers that what you offer works as promised.