Why YouTube?

Francisco Rosales’ Socialmouths Blog nicely summarises why YouTube is so important.

Francisco Rosales' Social Mouths Blog

Why you need to take YouTune seriously in 2013

Not everybody reads blogs, on YouTube you’re tapping into a possible new audience

YouTube videos are shown on Google results

Video is the best next thing to actual face-to-face interaction and it’s much better to humanize your business than written content

People search YouTube to learn about products and services more than any other social network

Video is easier to communicate and educate your prospects and existing clients around your products

Video is easier to consume than written content

Many of your competitors have no presence on YouTube, but they do on Facebook and Twitter

The opportunities to produce great video quality are reachable to any size budget (even your iPhone can be enough)

Videos, specially YouTube, are widely viewed on all kinds of screens (PC, mobile, tablet)

YouTube videos are super easy to distribute to other social networks and to embed on websites and blogs